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Stolen from luzestrellera 

1. Beer: Miller
2. Food: curry
3. Relationships: pointless
4. Your CRUSH: Jackson Rathbone
5. Power Ranger: red
6. Life: good
7. The President(s): Amazing
8. Yummy: beer
9. Cars: Lotus
10. Movies:Godfather
11. Halloween:for kids
12. Sex: no thanks
13. Art: subjective
14. Hate: disease
15. Fear: death
16. Marriage: been there
17. Blondes: just a colour
18. Slippers:  love em
19. Shoes: airwalk
20. Asians: anime
21. Pastime: nostalgia
22. One-night stand: not for a long time
23. Death: no thanks
24. Smoke: on the waaaater  oh hai deep purple
25. Fantasy: do you live do you die do you bleed
26. College: fun
27. High school life: awesome
28. Pajamas:  safe
29. Stars: above
30. Centre:  family
31. Alcohol: sure, why not!
32. The word love: Rebecca & Erin
33. Friends:  I loves em
34. Money: root of all evil
35. Heartache: missing my Mum
36. Time: see whats become of me
37. Divorce: been there
38. Dogs: cute
39. Undies: functional
40. Parents: wisdom
41. Babies: better when they become little people
42. Ex: pete
43. Song:life changing
44. Color: green
45. Weddings: waste of money
46. Pizza: shrooooms
47. Hangout:partay
48. Rest:  needed
49. Goal: healthy
50. Inspiration: Rebecca & Erin

What to do..

My first night in 40 that there is no update for How to fight loneliness. How will I cope???

Snow is so pretty.

Such a shame that it's so bloody cold though!

The view from my kitchen window

Why do I get upset over shit that doesnt matter? Song that remind me of parents who seemed to not care?